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Written by Unknown

Look Beneath the Surface; Look Beyond What’s Visible

“All that glitters is not gold” – a quote by Shakespeare that never gets old. An American proverb says, “Beauty without virtue is a rose without fragrance” which basically tells us not to overestimate the appearance. I believe the majority would agree if I’d say: we tend to judge based on what we see. Have you ever tried a pizza that looks extremely appetizing, but is in fact hardly mouth-watering? How about a burger that appears hefty on TV, but turns out to be medium-sized in reality? The marketing always is captivating, but the product itself sometimes is disappointing. This applies not only to things but also to our fellow human beings.

Did you ever fall for somebody’s handsomeness/prettiness in spite of his/her lack of warm-heartedness? As cliché as it may sound, looks can be deceiving; if you rate people by countenance, you might want to check your reasoning. Though first impressions last, they are often delusive, since in most cases, they are problematically assumptive. What we mostly see is just the tip of the iceberg, if we would view a person’s worth, there’s no other way but to submerge. If you want to save yourself from heartbreak; avoid making the mistake of falling for the icing on the cake. Forget the tall, dark and handsome; go for the noble, wise and wholesome. Men might shallowly be attracted to women that are curvy, but surely, they’d still choose to marry the modest, pure and wifely. Do not miss the big picture; see the heart, not the facial feature.

Seeing another’s innermost beauty, is the real mark of maturity. The true sign of brilliance, is seeing past a person’s outward appearance. But of course we do value presentability, as it is indeed part of a person’s respectability. Just avoid getting caught up in what is now a widespread vanity. Focus less on physicality for it’s merely temporal, more on spirituality for this one’s eternal. In short, good looks will inescapably vanish, while character will everlastingly flourish.


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