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Written by Alloy Peralta

Impossible is Nothing

It has been one month since the life-changing Live Pure Conference last July 1, 2012, and the decision to LIVE PURE goes on. Here is an article that can help us as we strive to be who we are made to be – to LIVE PURE – to experience REAL FREEDOM, TRUE LOVE and TOTAL HAPPINESS everyday.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.” – 1 Timothy 4:12

Nowadays, the world has been bombarded with different tricks and lures of the evil one – premarital sex, homosexuality, pornography, masturbation, prohibited drugs, gambling, promiscuity, adultery, and a lot more. They have different names but with only one big goal – to impure the world… to impure one’s life.

But how can one run away from these temptations? How can one actually live a life that is pure? Is living pure still possible or should one just give up because in the very first place, this mission is impossible?

Actually, these are also some of my questions in life. I, myself, have almost given up in reaching my life’s mission to live pure. Then, I attended the Live Pure Conference. I realized I was just blinded by the darkness of my past and the mist of personal guilt. Just right there and then, I decided… to TURN THE LIGHTS ON. How? Here are eight ways I am consistently doing now.

Praying unceasingly. Whenever I am tempted, I utter a little prayer. And when I utter a little prayer, it means that I am talking to God in the same way that He is talking to me. And when we talk to each other, I am asking for His grace not to fall into temptations. He gives me pieces of advice on how to stay away from them. He assures me through prayer that as long as I remain faithful, I will be victorious against any temptation that will come along.

Obeying my parents. My parents know what is best for me. Since I was young, they have kept on telling me not to do this and that, simply because they’ve been there, have done that and have experienced so many things in life. They would always say that it would be wise of me to learn from my mistakes, but in reality, it would be wiser of me to learn from the mistakes of others. For me, these pieces of advice from them are just evidences of showing how much they love me as their son. In return, obeying them is my way of expressing genuine trust, gratitude and mutual love to them.

Staying away from bad influence. At times, temptations are packaged in the way that I can easily get attracted to it. The evil one is always working double time to tempt me. It uses the people around me, my precious things in life and even a certain situation I am in. I have now learned to step back if I think a certain situation, thing or person will have a bad influence on me and bring me to decisions I will forever regret.

Saying yes to God’s will. This means saying no to sin. It is hard, isn’t it? It is hard because we are used to sinning. In my case, it is hard because it means I have to surrender everything to Him. It means that I am letting go of the ungodly and worldly things I possess and do. It means giving my full trust in Him that He has better plans for me. Now, I am fearlessly saying YES to my God as a sign of my total commitment to what He wants me to do and to be the person He wants me to be.

Involving myself in the Live Pure Movement. Being surrounded with people having the same values like mine, attending activities about living pure, reading books about chastity, and consulting the Bible and experts are ways of getting myself involved in the movement. It is through these that I am able to equip myself with the proper skills and right information I need in order to equip others too.

Being firm with my non-negotiables. A principled man knows where he stands and what his values are. In the past, I experienced losing my values just to gain friends and be “in” with the new trends. At first, it was cool, but as time passed by, I realized that I wasn’t anymore the person my God wants me to be. This time, I have a strong hold of my values. I don’t give in just to please other people. For me, it is better to lose a friend because of being firm with my non-negotiables than to gain one and lose my entire self.

Loving myself first then the others. I cannot love other people if I don’t love myself first. Since I love myself, I am not doing anything that is harmful for me. I believe that my body is the temple of the Lord. That is why I avoid drinking beer, smoking, putting tattoo on my body, taking prohibited drugs, engaging myself in sexual acts and hurting it. And because I don’t want others to harm me, I won’t also do that to others. If I am successful in loving myself, I am pretty sure that I will also be successful in loving others too.

Engaging myself in fruitful activities. Idle hands are the devil’s tool, so is the idle mind. When I am not doing anything, it is the time when the devil feeds me some evil thoughts. To counter this, I keep myself productive. I engage in different fruitful activities such as attending prayer meetings, blogging, playing sports, reading good books, eating and bonding with loved ones and organizing leadership camps.

To sum it all up, to LIVE PURE is more than just a statement. It is a LIFESTYLE. It is not just being preached to others. It entails a decision driven by a commitment. This is why for many, living pure equates to impossibility. But here is what I have to say. As long as one keeps on trying, striving and asking for God’s grace, I believe to LIVE PURE is a MISSION POSSIBLE.

So, are you one with me in this mission?

by Alloy Peralta


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