We are a Catholic pro-life youth movement that promotes and defends the culture of LIFE, by leading young people to a life of purity and chastity.




We are young pro-life advocates striving for purity of mind, eyes, speech, and body. We commit to proclaiming the good news of chastity and true love, by inspiring young people to live out the value of human dignity and fraternal relationships.


We are a Catholic movement committed to a life of purity, leading young men and women in pursuit of life’s true meaning according to their destiny in Christ.

History of the Movement

The Live Pure Movement started its engagements in schools by the year 2011. Its partnership with the Sangguniang Kabataan of the province of Isabela paved the way for the start of the massive reach of the movement. Since then, the number of people hearing the good news of chastity and true love continues to grow each year in the Philippines and abroad.
As a way of gathering young people, specially those who have heard the sessions of live pure, the movement started its annual Live Pure Conference in 2012 with the theme of Real Freedom, Total Happiness and True Love. In its most recent conference in 2016, over 10,000 young people gathered and discovered their ultimate destiny, to love and be loved.
With the vision of leading more young people to a life of Real Freedom, Total Happiness and True Love, the Live Pure Movement continues to go to places it has never been to. Now more than ever, the movement seeks to inspire people to actively participate in spreading the message of chastity and true love.

We Choose to Live Pure

In a world that continues to promote hedonistic lifestyles (YOLO, promiscuity, drugs, cancel culture etc.) as the answer to man’s deepest longings, we are all called to Live Pure – to live a life that embraces chastity as the sure way to happiness. This calling goes beyond our membership to any religious or charismatic community, for it is inherent to us being sons and daughters of God. To live a pure lifestyle is our way to attaining the life God desires and dreams for us – a life of real freedom, true love, and total happiness.


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