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Live Pure following the ‘Little Way’

Today is the Feast Day of St. Therese of the Child Jesus. Okay, she is this saint portrayed to be holding a Cross and a bunch of roses. She is called the “Little Flower,” and she is most famous because of her “Little Way.”

What else?

She was a nun in the Carmelite convent but she was declared Patroness of the Missions. Now how is that possible? This was so because she offered every little thing she did for the missions. It didn’t matter to her if she was only doing little things, because what mattered was how much love she put into every single thing she did. Actually, she even said at one point “My vocation is Love.”

Wow. Now that’s noble.

She was so simple. Her heart was like that of a child – humble, honest and always holding onto God.

She is a modern saint.

She is a reminder that it is possible and even desirable to be just like that. Some may say it’s old-school but then we say it’s cool. There’s something about being different and standing out, especially when what you’re standing up for is The Truth and no one else, and you’re doing it because you truly love Him. Now this is what we are challenged to do.

St. Therese desired to be who God wanted her to be. This is Real Freedom.

She found her place in the bigger Church and her vocation as Love. This is Finding her One True Love.

She found joy in every little thing she did. This is Total Happiness.

By her example, she chose to “Live Pure” in every given circumstance.

St. Therese is famous of her “Little Way.” If we have to translate it to our life today, it means to strive to be pure in mind, speech and actions, to love truly and to do our best to be the man and woman God wants us to be.

Indeed, to live out the “Little Way” means to decide to Live Pure everyday


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