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Coloring Beyond the Lines

Coloring books in the 90s were always met with very clumsy hands. Back then, pages were filled with outlines colored very rashly with random colored crayons. Such destiny for coloring books has changed with the dawn of adult coloring books today.

No matter how developed our fine motor skills have become, admit it, coloring as a child is always more magical and exciting than if you do it to escape and release stress.

We almost too often live our teenage lives armed with a one-color crayola and a tried and tested way of coloring within the lines, not bothering to explore possibilities and other colors or shades. Too often, we lose touch of that magic, that wonder in mixing different colors and coloring unbothered by outlines.

Spell C-H-I-L-D with us as we remember how we were as kids.

C – Choose to see the world with wonder

In the eyes of a kid, a simple bench becomes a train; a slice of bread can become a strawberry shortcake; a twig can become a wizard’s wand. Ordinary things can become extraordinary. Clichéd as it may be, it really is just a matter of perspective.

We can choose to see the world with the same innocence and wonder as a child’s, not to say that we should forget responsibilities and contexts, rather we can choose to see how life is as beautiful as it is complicated. Hey! A bad day may just be a part of a great week.

H – Have a grateful heart

Remember the times when you were just as excited about a box of donuts as you are about a few pieces of marbles? Children have this bottomless pit of gratitude for just about anything you give them, and believe it or not, staying in that well of thanksgiving can do you wonders as an adult.

A wise person once said, try thanking God for (just) one thing every night, and you will find that you will not run out of things to be thankful for. There will always be a kind stranger, a cute seatmate, a green stoplight or a free hug that would come your way.

Never compare your life with someone else’s. It is always easier to spend your entire life focusing on others while fully neglecting your blessings, but you can choose to use your time improving yourself instead. Never focus on what is missing, instead always be grateful with what you have.

I – Insist that He has a Plan

When you start thanking God for the little blessings that He showers you with, you will start to see that everything that happens in your life is a gift – because He loves you. He sees the bigger picture and your place in it, and He has nothing but the best plans for you.

As they say, nothing in this world happens by coincidence. Everything is grace. Trust that everything is grace. When trusting does not seem like an option, insist to yourself that He has planned something better.

L – Learn How to Rise From Every Fall

Essential to every epic hero’s narrative is a part of the story where he faces defeat. Such an experience allows the hero to confront his weakness and to, ultimately, rise above it. Likewise, we are given a regular dose of defeat that ask us to stop and think about how we do things and why we do things. Defeat humbles us, and, in this process, makes us recognize how much there is to learn and how far there still is to go.

Just as how Christ stood up from every fall, and how he cried out to His Father on the cross, there is also nothing wrong with asking for help. Running back to God in moments of despair is not a sign of weakness, but an expression that you can’t live without Him, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

D – Dance!

When your favorite song is played on the radio, dance like no one is watching! Fiyero from Wicked sang, danc[e] through life! The old adage goes, stop and smell the flowers. No matter how you put it, they all just mean one thing: live in the moment, and enjoy life!

Sometimes, we get too caught up with life’s complications that we forget the very simple reason why everything is – and that is because He loves us. He has been playing your song for a very long time, and the only acceptable response is for you to follow His lead, and dance to that song.

The best kind of coloring books for children are those that tell a story. God wants to come in to color your life. Join, and color with Him. Don’t be afraid to color beyond the lines; don’t be afraid to try weird strokes or color combinations, because from where He stands, everything you do is beyond beautiful.


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