The Live Pure Covenant

I am created in God’s image and likeness; hence, I will live out His greatness and holiness by striving to imitate Christ and hispurity. I commit to practice the virtue ofchastity and observe self-control over my passions and desires.
  • I WILL FREE MY MIND. I will keep my mind clean from impure and lustful thoughts. I will keep my eyes away from pornography, as it degrades me.
  • I WILL SPEAK WITH GRACE. My speechwill be gracious at all times. I will not tell orlaugh at green jokes, nor share and listen to stories which evoke sexual thoughts and behavior.
  • I WILL BE CHASTE. I will treat my bodyfor what it truly is – the temple of the Holy Spirit. I will not engage in masturbation, fornication orhomosexual acts.
  • I WILL LOVE TRULY. I will become a man/woman after God’s own heart, that I may learn to love purely. I will make a gift of myself in whichever vocation God will call me to. I will keep my relationships pure.
I am called to lead a chaste life - whoever I am, whatever I do, whatever they say and wherever I may be, I will Live Pure.

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