The Live Pure Movement


The World Today

Ushering into the new millennium, today’s society has become more and more tolerant of liberal ideas. Beliefs on sex, relationships, and purity have been gravely distorted by media, creating a consciousness that is, in many ways, void of true Christian value. With the surge of Western ideas permeating our youth pop culture, by way of the digital age, it suddenly became widely accepted among young people to rush into all sorts of intimacy with the opposite sex without having to consider the consequences of their actions. Media has portrayed pre-marital sex as liberating, fulfilling and downright pleasurable. Unknowingly, this mindset debases the true value of sex and promotes a sexually promiscuous lifestyle.

Whether we remain oblivious to the facts or not, values are being corrupted in almost every institution (family, school, friends etc.) we are a part of. The foundations of morality are becoming loose every single day. Statistics will reveal to you staggering rates of teen pregnancies, abortion and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) even in a Catholic country like the Philippines.

Our Response

With all these things happening around us, we cannot just sit around and choose to be passive or silent. We cannot lose young people to the false promises of the world. It is our mission to challenge this twisted mindset no matter how daunting the current realities are. We have to make known to everyone God’s view and true purpose for love and sexuality.


We Choose to Live Pure

In a world which continues to promote hedonistic lifestyles (YOLO, promiscuity, drugs etc.) as the answer to man’s deepest longings, we are all called to Live Pure – to live a life which embraces chastity as the sure way to happiness. This calling goes beyond our membership to any religious or charismatic community, for it is inherent to us being sons and daughters of God. To live a pure lifestyle is our way to attaining the life God desires and dreams for us – a life of real freedom, true love and total happiness.

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